Edith & Violet

Hello and welcome to Gumpasting.com! Thank you for stopping by. My name is Edith Malek and this is where you will learn all about how to use and create with gumpaste/fondant.
I’m passionate about gumpasting, so I hope by posting photographs of my projects I make it will inspire and excite you. The timeframe for how long they take me to create varies from project to project. I also post how-to tutorials, techniques, tips, product reviews, etc. I like to think of it as me “passing on my passion”.
If you are new to gumpasting my desire is for you to join me and take the gumpasting plunge. If you have already dived in, I hope you learn something new. Any way you look at it is a very exhilarating and rewarding enterprise! If you can imagine it you can imagine it in gumpaste/fondant. My mantra is “If you love it, do it.” Hopefully you can see when visiting my site that I do love it and I have done it.

Happy Gumpasting and Stay Inspired ♥,

P.S. Please come back and visit often!

A Little About Me

I live in Irvine, CA. I am married to a wonderful husband, have a great son and a daughter who recently became a mother herself by blessing me with my first grandchild, a darling little girl.

For most of my life I have loved flowers. One genus that I became totally smitten with is the clematis. In fact my passion for this flowering vine was so intense that in 1996 I formed the first clematis society in the United States which would eventually come to be known as the American Clematis Society (www.clematis.org).

During my tenure as president of the society (a.k.a. the Clematis Queen) I discovered a wonderfully artistic means to duplicate these incredibly beautiful flowers which is to sculpt them out of gumpaste. I eventually abdicated the throne and the society was dissolved which cleared the way for me to pursue this whole new chapter in my life. Although I miss my involvement in the society, I still grow clematis for my own personal enjoyment and am comforted by the fact that the fondant/gumpaste sugar flowers I make do not perish over time as do the real ones.

Product Disclosure

I have personally purchased and used all the products that I mention and/or recommend on this site. I do this because I feel when you spend your own money you can then be completely objective when voicing an opinion whether something is worthwhile or not.

Because I am a participant in their affiliate advertising program I will sometimes link products to Amazon.com which means that if you click on a highlighted link and purchase an item I will earn a small commission from the transaction(s). I promise you that earning this small compensation in no way sways my opinion of the quality of a product. This may sound silly, but it really makes my day when I see someone has heeded my suggestion and has purchased something I have recommended. It just gives me some satisfaction knowing I have helped someone else in their gumpasting endeavor.