Gumpaste and Fondant Lemons, Daisies & Burlap

{A Spring Cake with Gumpaste/Fondant Lemons, Daisies & Burlap}

Don’t you just love lemons and daisies for spring? I do because this fun duo is always so cheerful. And if you are looking for a rustic cake with a nice pop of yellow color may I suggest using some lemons, daisies and even burlap? This cake could easily be used at a casual wedding, birthday party, anniversary, etc. or where you want some “out in the country” ambiance.

This is my second project using Alan Dunn’s class: Sugar Flower: Off the Garden Path as my inspiration, but this time I used the daisies that he taught about in it. I really love this incredible online class because I learned so much!

Please Stay Tuned: I will be featuring a few more posts in the near future about the gumpaste/fondant lemons, burlap and bumble bee.

{Gumpaste/Fondant Daisies Being Visited by a Bumble Bee}

{Lifelike Gumpaste/Fondant Lemons}

{A Spring Cake with Gumpaste/Fondant Lemons, Daisies & Burlap}