A Review of the August 2016 Pinterest Changes

A Review of the August 2016 Pinterest Changes

{Where is My Old Pinterest?}

Is it just me or did you notice a big change in your Pinterest experience earlier this month? Now there are lots of advertisements in the feed. They also changed the design of our boards. Do you like them? I confess I dislike (okay hate) them!

{A Comparison of My Old and New 2016 Pinterest Boards}

Last year I was so excited when I finally launched my Pinterest board (see “Follow me On Pinterest”). I wanted my 69 boards to have a uniform look so it would be easier for my Pinterest visitors to locate the pins. So, I spent some time designing my custom covers with that goal in mind. Sadly, the board covers and the font size of the text have now been drastically resized. So, all that time I spent now looks like I made hodgepodge mess!

As for all those ads, what the heck? It seems like more than 1/4 of my feed is now filled with their paid advertisers’ spots. The picture below is a screen shot of my feed. All those ‘yellow boxes’ are ads that have been blocked by an ad-blocking app. 

{My New August 2016 Pinterest Feed}

I wrote this little review with the hope that I am not alone in wanting my old Pinterest back! One can only wish we could just return to the “Pinning” experience the way it used to be instead of the new “Saving” adventure. In fairness, Pinterest has every right to commercialize wherever possible because after all this is their business. But for me it just doesn’t have the same *fun* feeling anymore.