My 40th Wedding Anniversary Cake

My 40th Wedding Anniversary Cake

{40th Anniversary Cake with Gumpaste Flowers}

This project was supposed to be posted a while back, but sometimes my life gets real busy and things have to temporarily take a backseat. Here it is now, so I hope you will still enjoy seeing it because it is the most gumpaste flowers I have ever made for a single cake. Another thing about this cake that is special is it gave me my first opportunity to showcase several of my clematis flowers using the “new” Kit Box Clematis cutter (see The “PERFECT” Petal Cutter for Large-Hybrid Clematis). I was head over heels with how they turned out, so I hope you agree that these clematis flowers really make a pretty statement!

Wow, my husband Ken and I have been married 40 years. I can honestly say it seems like only yesterday. In order to celebrate this momentous anniversary I thought it would be nice to create a cake for it. At first I thought it might be kind of romantic to try and recreate the cake that my Mummy made for us. As you can see from the picture below it was decorated with piped yellow and white sweet peas. I’m not quite sure why I asked her to use yellow as yellow sweet peas don’t exist in real life. Maybe it was because I had picked yellow and white gingham dresses for my bridesmaids to wear and also had them carry yellow and white daisy bouquets. I suppose at that time in the 70’s it seemed like a cool thing to do.

My Mummy's Cake

My Floral Candidates For This Cake

As much as I wanted to make a cake to pay homage to my Mummy’s original one I knew using yellow sweet peas alone wouldn’t do the trick. So, I decided this time around to change their coloring and make them out of gumpaste in a pretty shade of pink with a touch of ‘yellow’ dusted onto their centers. Of course this celebration cake wouldn’t have been complete if I hadn’t included the addition of my all-time favorite flower, the ‘clematis’. The hardest part was deciding which other flowers would join this lovely pair of twiners. In the end I opted to also incorporate some anemones, lilacs and hydrangeas. During Victorian times they used to assign a ‘floral meaning’ to an individual flower in order to convey secret communications for their intended recipient. Since I wanted to send a special romantic message to my husband, the sentiments in the flowers I chose played a big part in making my decision.

Below is each blossom’s floral sentiment. 

Clematis flower symbolizes: “I love your mind”

Anemone flower symbolizes: “Anticipation and excitement for the future”

Purple Lilac flower symbolizes: “First Love”

Hydrangea flower symbolizes: “Gratitude for being understood”

Sweet Peas flower symbolizes: “Thank you for a Lovely Time”! 

And here is how I interpreted the sentiment I wanted each flower I picked to convey to my husband:

 My Floral Message

{40th Anniversary Cake with Gumpaste Flowers}

My Inspiration

After I read the following description of ‘Bohemian Style’ from Cake Geek Magazine: “The boho look is fast becoming the bridal look of the year for 2015 and 2016 weddings. It’s a relaxed and natural look – less formal than vintage, more refined than rustic.”, I knew this was the perfect blending of looks I wanted for my celebration’s cake. 

When it finally came time to decorate it I was fortunate because I knew of two extremely talented cake designers: Amy Swann of Amy Swann Cakes and Alex Narramore of The Mischief Maker who are total masters of this carefree look. And, their gumpaste flowers are to die for as well. So, I would like to give special thanks to them for providing me with the creative incentive I needed for this cake.

Some Gumpasting Tips

Decorating a cake with sugar flowers is in some ways the same as when using fresh flowers in that you should always have more than you think you will need and that foliage and filler is your best friend. With that in mind, even after making what may seem to you like millions of flowers, leaves and fillers etc., keep on going because you don’t want to end up running short at the last minute when it’s time to decorate your cake or worse yet, have to deal with any broken ones :C. For example, when you’re trying to camouflage the tape-covered wires of your focal flowers, your filler and foliage can come to your rescue. It also gives the eye something additional to rest on.

I love green leaves on a cake because they can make it look fresh and I believe the addition of the Dusty Miller leaves added a little extra too. If you would like to learn how to make these pretty silvery leaves see: How to Make Gumpaste Dusty Miller Leaves.

In Conclusion

Always say it with flowers! Even better, say it using gumpaste blossoms so that your message will, like a good marriage, last for years and years to come :D!

My Source for Clematis, Sweet Pea, Anemone Cutters

I would like to give a shout out to the wonderful company Kit Box because I wouldn’t have my clematis flower cutter without them.

P.S. If you are looking for great holiday gifts for gumpasters why not consider giving these little stainless steel pieces of art? I know I’d be thrilled to receive them as they’re a sugarcrating tool that keeps on giving year after year!

{Gumpaste flowers: clematis, anemone, purple lilac, hydrangea, sweet peas}

{40th Anniversary Cake with Gumpaste Flowers}

Us 40 years ago and today