Keeping Track of Your Gumpasting/Sugarcrafting Cutters

Keeping Track of Your Gumpasting/Sugarcrafting Cutters

{Keeping Track of Your Gumpasting/Sugarcrafting Cutters}

Have you ever had the experience of not recalling exactly which gumpasting/sugarcrafting cutters you own? Since I have an obsession with sugarcrafting cutters and as my collection has grown, it has become a big issue for me. That is why I decided to come up with a plan that would allow me to identify what I have without having to dig through all of my boxes each time I need one.

Here Is How I Keep Track Of My Cutters

Luckily for me a couple of years ago I found that three of my favorite British cutter manufacturers have versions of their catalogs available online. In the beginning I just printed out their catalog’s pages to use as a wish list for my future purchases. One day however, I had one of those “ah-ha” moments and realized that I could keep track of my cutter collection by just “marking off” on these catalog pages the cutters I had purchased. I ask you what could be easier? And to simplify the process even more, I store the pages in a notebook that I use exclusively to catalog my collection. Since I use it so often it gets a good workout, so I have placed the pages into plastic protective sleeves to keep them from being harmed.

The only snag I have run across with this inspirational inventory system is that not all of my cutters are produced by Tinkertech Two, Kit Box or Framar cutters which are the three companies whose catalogs I own. So, my solution for my other cutters may not be for everyone because it’s a little more time consuming than simply marking the cutters on a page. What I do when I purchase a “rogue” cutter manufactured by a company other than the above three is I try to find a photograph(s) with the correct size (or at least very close to it) to remind me that I have it. Another method I employ if the cutter is not too small or intricate is to trace an outline around it to make a template. Also, if I happen to have altered the shape of the any of these cutters to accommodate a contour I need to create (such as I did with some of my ruscus and lily leaves) I notate that too.

I realized after a while that since I had so many cutters that I needed a way to consolidate all of these pages. Since the majority of my cutters are Tinkertech Two’s I decided to use their catalog as my primary one. So when I purchase a cutter from one of the other two companies, I just cut out the picture from that particular company’s catalog and then tape it alongside or over the Tinkertech Two version of that cutter. Below I have included a few pages from my notebook to give you an idea of what I do looks like.

{A page from my  Cutter Inventory Notebook}

{A page from my  Cutter Inventory Notebook}

In Conclusion

Okay, it is a little bit of extra work in the beginning, but in my opinion it is totally worth the effort because it saves me so much time when I am searching for the right size and/or shape cutters for my projects. It also makes it easier for me to find a decent substitute cutter if I don’t own one that is exactly right for the job. I also use the notebook to identify cutters I would like to acquire in the future (ones on my wish list) by placing a Post-it next to their drawing. An added bonus to all of this cutter accounting is that it has corrected a self-inflicted issue that has arisen once or twice (okay four times :C) which was me accidently purchasing duplicate cutters.

{Paper Size Comparison Between US Letter & A4}

One more thing: If you live in the United States be aware that these catalog pages are meant to be printed on A4 paper (23.4” x 33.1”). Our printers here do not accommodate this size, so when you print it out on our US Letter (8.5” x 11”) paper the size of the cutter diagrams is distorted and will be “shorter and wider” than if you had printed it on A4 paper. This means the pictures you print out are not an exact replica of the cutters in the catalog, but the difference is so minimal it does not diminish the value of the notebook. 

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