How to Make Leaves for a Gumpaste Anemone Flower

How to Make Leaves for a Gumpaste Anemone Flower

how to make leaves for a gumpaste anemone flower

I had an anemone flower predicament! I made some of these pretty blossoms for a cake I’m making, but since I planned on placing the flower heads close to the cake, it meant I could not place their lower leaves below the bloom where they normally grow. That is when I realized that I could improvise by using the unique leaf cutter that came with the Kit Box Anemone cutter set. Mother Nature, please forgive me, but I took some artistic license here and positioned the leaves at the base of the blossom using them to form a faux-fashioned calyx. Needless to say, even though they are not botanically correct, I was very happy with the results! This was because it was the exact look I was trying to achieve which was attractive green-wispy leaves to set off my white petals or what I like to describe as a well-dressed anemone.

{Tutorial for How to Make Gumpaste Anemone Leaves}

How To Make Gumpaste Anemone Flower Leaves

Here is how to make my leaves:

1. Roll out some green gumpaste relatively thick (about 3mm). Cut a leaf out with the anemone leaf cutter.

2. Flip it over and using a small rolling pin rub it back and forth over the gumpaste until all the stainless steel edges of the cutter are showing through.

3. Place the leaf onto a foam pad. Use the pointed end of a Dresden tool to create tiny serration marks on each of the 5 leaflets. This next step is optional: flip it over and lightly repeat making a few marks on the backside. Do this if you think the backside might be showing.

{The Underside Of the Gumpaste Anemone Leaves}

4. Depending on the size of the leaves you are trying to create, cut off the excess gumpaste with a small circular cutter.

5 Soften the base of the leaf with a ball tool so it will sit on the stem evenly.

6. Use the same small circular cutter again to cut off a little more gumpaste.

7. Glue the leaf onto the base of the petals and shape it around the stem.

8. Gently adjust each of the little leaflets so that they are curving slightly downwards at different heights.

9.  Repeat 1 through 8 until the base of the flower is covered by leaves. It takes about 3 to 4 leaves to cover each flower. (Not Shown)

10. When dry, dust with a green petal dust that matches the stem. (Not Shown)

11. Steam and let dry. (Not Shown)

FYI: My technique above will also work when you want to place your leaves in any lower position on the stem (see below photo). I only needed to make two leaves for my stem.

One last thing: after producing a couple of them I started experimenting with the placement of the leaves. On some I lowered the leaves on the stem slightly, so maybe even Mother Nature might approve. This would allow them to still fit nicely on the cake :D!


Kit Box Cutters

{Gumpaste Anemone Leaves In Lower Position}