How to Make a Cake Plaque

 {A Keepsake Plaque Adorned With Lace and Ribbon Flowers}

Would you like to create keepsake plaque from your special cake?

What You Need

Template or Cutter for plaque

Gumpaste mixture (50% gumpaste/50% fondant) it can be colored if you like

Rolling pin

Cutting board

Straight edge wheel cutter or sharp X-acto knife

Parchment Paper

Regular Cake Smoother

Prestige Side Edger (optional)

How to Make It

I used this technique for my Gumpaste Ribbon Flowers and Lace cake, but it can be used equally well on smaller plaques such as name plates.

1. Roll out gumpaste mixture relatively thick (approximately 1/4” or 6mm) if you plan to use it a keepsake piece that will be used on a frame holder like I did.

2. Place your template on the gumpaste mixture.

3. Carefully cut the shape out holding the straight edge wheel cutter or X-acto knife perpendicularly as possible.

4. Place the plaque onto a piece of parchment paper.

5. Smooth the top surface with regular cake smoother.

6. Then take the Prestige Side Edger and smooth all outer edges (if you do not have one of these try using a pastry cutter at an upright position).

7. Finally, the finishing touch to achieve a real nice polished and professional edge is to use both smoothers simultaneously.

8. Allow it to dry thoroughly on the parchment paper. Depending the thickness and the weather this can several days to over a week.

{A Keepsake Plaque Adorned With Lace Ribbon Flowers and a Pearlescent Butterfly}