Gumpaste/Fondant vs. Modeling Chocolate

Gumpaste/Fondant vs. Modeling Chocolate

{Gumpaste/Fondant vs. Modeling Chocolate}

I would like to take this opportunity to make a case for using gumpaste, fondant or a mixture of the two as opposed to what seems to be the new trend of cake decorators and artists relying on modeling chocolate and rice paper for their projects. I do admit they can produce some wonderful and interesting pieces, especially when using modeling chocolate. It is amazingly flexible and easy to color it, but there is one thing it cannot do which is last forever (okay for a very long time) as gumpaste or a mixture can. It can also crack over time, which in my opinion would be a shame after creating something special.

As the name of my website implies, I’m here to inspire you to use gumpaste as your artistic sugar medium. That is why I have yet to use modeling chocolate or rice paper for my projects (and it is doubtful I ever will). So, when you are making something extra special and you want it to be a “keepsake”, I hope you will opt for gumpaste/fondant. I know your intended recipient(s) will be grateful for it in the years to come. So, Viva Gumpaste and Fondant!!!

P.S. The below poinsettia is my very first gumpaste project I ever made and it looks the same today as it did when I made it back on November 19, 2010… Not bad for 6 years old :D! One thing I would do today however would be to lose my heavy-handed use of luster dust as well as make the petals thinner. 

{My First Gumpasting Project 11/2010}