Gumpaste/Fondant Baby Shoes & Name Plaque

As promised here are the pictures of my gumpasting creations I made for my granddaughter’s Hello Party.

{A Cake with Gumpaste/Fondant Baby Shoes, Bib & Name Plaque & Purple Cupcakes}

Here is a picture of my cupcakes (for more info see How to Make Pretty Purple Cupcakes) and of the cake. Since I was making cupcakes as well for our guests to eat I decided to make only a 6” cake. I originally planned to have the bib displayed along with my gumpaste/fondant baby shoes on the cake, but due to its diminutive size I could not fit all of them on it, so I just ad-libbed and placed the bib on a cake plate below with some cupcakes. It doesn’t show well in the pictures, but I thought it looked nice in person.

I was happy because I had a second chance to use my original baby violet topper (see Sweet Violet Flower Cake) again. Since I do gumpasting for “fun” I appreciate any opportunity to reuse my pieces a second time around.

I loved making the little lavender shoes which are each adorned with a tiny sweet violet flower. For added interest I added large pearl dragees for the buttons and then dusted each one with luster dust. As a matter of fact I dusted the entire shoe (except the flower) with mauve luster dust, so that it would give off a soft little sheen.

Finally, I wanted a little plaque that would announce the “Hello Violet” event. If I had a magic wand I wish I could do prettier calligraphy. I hoped that dressing up my plaque with a ring of 3-D sweet violet flowers & leaves would take the attention away from my handwriting.

{A Cake with Gumpaste/Fondant Baby Shoes, Bib & Name Plaque & Purple Cupcakes}

Since I enjoy looking at pictures of what others do for their parties I thought you might like to see some of mine.

We had lots of wonderful people come to “meet” adorable little Violet, so I wanted them to have something nice to nibble on during their visit.

{Carved Watermelon Pram for Hello Violet Party}

When I saw some watermelon prams on Pinterest I knew I had to make one. Whoever came up with the original pram idea is an absolute “genius”. I looked at several pictures and then came up with my own personalized version which included making a bow for the head out fruit rolls and a pacifier made from the melon rind and a red grape.

FYI: If you are going to try to make one be sure to get a small, “non-ripe” cantaloupe for the head. One that is already ripe will be a nightmare to try to carve. I should know because my first cantaloupe was too mushy to carve and I ended up going back to the grocery store for another one.

Pictured below are our precious granddaughter, sweet daughter and wonderful son-in-law, all of whom are the reason my husband & I hosted the party. We love them so much!!!