Gumpaste Ribbon Flowers and Lace

 {Gumpaste Ribbon Flowers and Lace on a Heart-Shaped Cake}

I have always liked the look of ribbon lace embroidery, so I decided to try incorporating it into one of my gumpasting projects. My inspiration for this cake topper was based on some beautiful pillows that not only use pretty ribbon embroidery, but also include different laces. I also wanted some more height than just using the ribbon flowers and flat lace would give me, so I decided to add a couple of lace butterflies to my piece. I do not always use a lot of luster dust, but on this particular occasion I really did gild the lily. Okay it is not very gold, but it is shiny.

{A Trio of Purple Gumpaste Ribbon Flowers}

{Gumpaste Lace Butterflies Dusted with Pink and Pearl Luster Dust}

{Gumpaste Ribbon Flowers and Lace Topper on a Heart-Shaped Cake}