D.I.Y. Cornstarch Dusting Puffs for Sugarcrafting

D.I.Y. Cornstarch Dusting Puffs for Sugarcrafting

{D.Y.I. Cornstarch (aka Corn Flour) Dusting Puff for Sugarcrafting}

Whether you call them puffs, pouches or bags, these little cornstarch-filled satchels are fabulous for distributing their contents evenly onto work surfaces, veiners, hands, etc. Anytime you need to lightly dust something you just gently tap the pouch on the surface of the thing you don’t want to have stick just as you would if you were applying makeup with a powder puff. 

You can buy commercially made bags, but I find them to be rather ‘flimsy’. It is such an easy D.I.Y. project, so why go to the expense of purchasing premade ones? Just make your own. To construct one all you need is a tablespoon or two of cornstarch (aka corn flour) and some semi-porous material to hold it. A piece of muslin, a knee high stocking, or some cheesecloth will work. Tie it together at the top with a piece of ribbon, a rubber band or some string and poof, you’re ready to puff! 

For my little puff I have chosen to use a square piece of muslin (as I prefer it’s limited disbursement of dust) and a small piece of white ribbon to tie it at the top because who says functional can’t be pretty?

My Nifty Storage Place for a Cornstarch Dusting Pouch

I also found an attractive home for mine when not in use which is a white individual porcelain butter dish with a lid! It’s great because the inner chamber holds my pouch perfectly, keeps the muslin cloth clean and limits the disbursement of any stray cornstarch dust from being dispersed onto unwanted areas. If you would like to see what it looks like visit my Facebook Fan Page