Combining Vines: Gumpaste Grapes and Clematis

 {A Cake Decorated With a Combination of Red & Green Gumpaste Grape Bunches and Yellow Clematis Flowers}

I love the look of grapes and grapes on the vine in still life photographs and paintings, so I decided to try my hand at recreating this tasty fruit in gumpaste form. The nice thing about grapes is they are quite versatile as they lend themselves to: Tuscan, rustic, vineyard and even royalty inspired parties or weddings. Admittedly making them can be a little time consuming if you plan to add wire to each grape, but I feel the extra effort is worth it. If you do decide to make some I suggest making more grapes than you think you will need as a cluster will look better if it is on the fuller side. Not to mention, who wants to come up short and then have to start the gumpasting process all over again to make just a few more grapes?

At first I couldn’t decide which clematis flower to combine with my grape clusters, but then it came to me how delightful the mingling would be if I used blossoms that are bright-yellow. That is when I realized that Clematis orientalis would fit the bill for the right coloring and also for its sweet bell-shape. I personally think uniting lantern shapes with orb shapes is indeed the ‘perfect pairing’, just like the grape and clematis vines. 

{Red Gumpaste Grapes and Yellow Clematis Flowers}

{A Bunch of Green Gumpaste Grapes and Leaves}