BEWARE of a Sudden Spike in Your Likes on Facebook Fan Pages

BEWARE of a Sudden Spike in Your Likes on Facebook Fan Pages

{Caution Sign For Fake Facebook Fans}

I launched my Facebook Fan Page for last April and it’s been an enjoyable experience so far. However, since I don’t have a personal Facebook page I’m often a little uncertain about some of the proper social media nuances, etc. My biggest misunderstanding is with the Facebook “Likes”. I had thought that they were supposed to be the Holy Grail, so last July when I had a sudden surge in Likes I was extremely grateful. I wasn’t savvy enough back then to question what would cause this huge gush of likes. Well it being six months later and me a little wiser now, a little alarm went off in my head when it happened again. Since my traffic on my website is usually fairly quiet around the holidays I wondered what in earth would cause this increase in likes on Facebook. I did a web search and could not find an answer in the beginning, but I eventually came across the correct verbiage to use to find out what could be happening. I have fallen prey to what is called ‘Fake’ fans.

Okay, it felt really terrific to get all these likes, but it turns out these fans are meaningless because they don’t like your posts, they don’t comment or share your updates. Basically they will never interact on your page! If you are a business they won’t buy or endorse your cakes, creations, products, etc. (Ouch!!!). Not to mention, they can seriously screw up your FB’s algorithm so that your posts will not show up in your real fan’s news feeds which means they won’t see your content either.

Here is an article on how to rid yourself of these fake fans: A Guide To Deleting Fake Facebook Page Likes

Additionally, below is what I wrote in a recent Facebook Face Page Posting:

I admit I’m a “Sucker”! A few weeks ago I saw a sudden spike in the ‘Likes’ on my Facebook Page, so I was very happy because my ultimate goal with this Fan Page is to inspire others to take this exhilarating roller coaster ride I call gumpasting. I thought what a nice way to start the New Year off. But after a while it became apparent to me there were way too many ‘Likes’ for such a short period of time. So, I came to the disheartening realization that the majority of these likes had to be what are called: ‘Fake’ fans (aka ghost accounts). What a total bummer :C!!! Having been taken in by this artificial surge I now feel kind of embarrassed. However, I’ve found a silver lining in it knowing that I could possibly prevent other Facebook Newbies like myself from having this negative experience.

As soon as FB fixes their problem with “People and Other Pages” I’ll go through the process of weeding out my fake likes. I am looking forward to this because I will ultimately end up with only those true friends/fans who are genuinely interested in gumpasting. So, to all of my *Real* Likes I want to thank you Very Much for your support!!! Big Hugs, Edith

Here is an article on the subject I found to be very useful: “Got Fake Facebook Fans? How to Protect Your Facebook Page".