Autumn Acorn Mini Cake & Pedestal

Autumn Acorn Mini Cake & Pedestal

{Gumpaste Acorn and Oak Leaf Mini Cake on a Rustic DIY Pedestal}

This gumpasting idea can be used for a fall theme and/or Thanksgiving dessert. The leaves and acorns can also be scaled up to accommodate a large cake. Also, I think using individual cakelettes is more romantic than a regular-size cake. I chose German chocolate cake because I like the rustic look of its icing, but you could easily use a straight chocolate icing.

A Gumpasting Mistake 

From time to time I make gumpasting mistakes, so when possible I will try and help you avoid any pitfalls I have encountered. I normally like using silicone molds because they can produce very life-like results. For this project I first tried using the Diamond Paste Fruit & Nut 2 Mould and was less than happy with its molded acorn because I did not like its artificial looking tip (see: picture below) and it didn’t have any “little lined marking” on the side. (The reason why I prefer lined markings is because it allows me to concentrate my dark brown petal dust into the crevice which helps mimic the real acorn’s lines.) Ultimately I ended up creating my own acorns by hand adding a small stamen for its tip. The good news is I was able to use the mold’s acorn section as a guide for how much gumpaste I needed for each of my acorns and fortunately its strawberry, blackberry and walnut portions did produce nice molded pieces.

{Examples of Molded & Handmade Gumpaste Acorns}

DIY Wooden Mini Pedestals

I decided to create my own little mini pedestals by using some rustic wooden coasters. I washed them and then sealed them by using food-safe butcher block oil. To give it a little height you can add a piece of floral clay (see: DIY Interchangeable Cake Stands) or glue a small piece of wood or cork onto the base of the coaster. I decided to cover my cork with jute to maintain the rustic theme.

{Rustic DIY Mini Cake Pedestal Collage}


I purchased my wooden coasters from World Market. They do offer online delivery, but I suggest if you live by one of their 260 stores that you go in personally and hand select the coaster set as the size can vary bundle to bundle. I also found a little less expensive wooden coasters by ArtMinds at Michaels. However, I think the ones at World Market were little nicer in appearance.

 {A Gumpaste Acorn with Oak Leaves Mini Cake}