The “PERFECT” Petal Cutter for Large-Hybrid Clematis

The “PERFECT” Petal Cutter for Large-Hybrid Clematis

{The "Perfect" Large Petal Clematis Cutter}

Update: I’m so excited because Kit Box has added this perfect clematis cutter to their product line. Here is the link:

Even though I have quite a few cutters I have never really felt like I had that “right” size or shape to make petals for a lovely, large 6” clematis. Another problem I have faced is these cutters not quite fitting my three large veiners properly. It wasn’t until I was taking pictures for my previous article, “Different Ways to Form Gumpaste Clematis Petals”, that I found a possible solution. I was in the process of taking a comparison photograph shot when I decided to dissect my real blossom (the oh so lovely Clematis ‘Elsa Späth’) when I suddenly realized that this petal not only had a nice shape, but it was also the ideal size (2.8” (72mm) by 1.4” (35mm)) that I had been looking for. Quicker than you could say “perfect clematis cutter” I had fashioned it into a paper template.

I think it goes without saying since my paper template is a replica of the Real McCoy it will no doubt produce a very pretty flower. But would it work when placed on my three veiners? The answer was “Yes, indeed!”, and I was ecstatic! 

{Testing Out a Paper Template on a Clematis Veiners}

So, some of you may be wondering what prompted this sudden interest in clematis petals. Well, the reason is I will be making quite a few 6”- clematis for a project. The thought of cutting each of their petals out by hand was not high on my list of exciting things to do. Since metal cutters produce such wonderfully clean edges and consistent size petals, it was obviously to me that life would be a lot easier if only I could get my paper template made into a real life stainless steel cutter.

Since I already knew they make custom cookie/icing cutters, I contacted one of my favorite manufacturers, Kit Box Cutters, about the possibility of creating my design. They generously agreed to make it for me and I was as excited a child on Christmas morning at the thought of having my own special clematis cutter. Hopefully there are enough people out there who want to create gorgeous, large clematis that it will convince Kit Box Cutters to add this one to their current line of wonderful cutters! 

{Testing Out a Clematis Cutter on Clematis Veiners}

Pictured above is my ‘Perfect cutter along with: 1. Diamond Paste Moulds veiner clematis, 2. Squires Kitchen veiner clematis Lasurstern #GM05C004-03 and 3. Sunflower Sugar Art veiner clematis #SV-078

{The Perfect Custom-Made Clematis Cutter}

The Making of a Clematis Cutter

I really do adore cookie/icing cutters because I think that they are fabulous little “stainless steel pieces of art”. They are also quite labor intensive to create, and I would’ve been extremely honored if I could have been there to see my cutter as it was being created. Since I live in CA, USA and Kit Box Cutter is in North Somerset, GB that was not going to happen. However, the next best thing for me was being able to see the photo below of the clematis cutter almost finished next to my original drawing. Isn’t this super cool?!!

In Conclusion

I want to thank sweet Rebecca Stevens, who is Kit Box’s manager, and their whole wonderful team for making my dream cutter come to fruition!!! Big hugs to all of them!


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